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Randy and Sue Boldt enjoy helping couples experience the full measure of God's intended blessing for their relationships. After more than forty-five years of marriage, forty years of pastoral ministry, and a lifetime of following Jesus, they love to share a little of what they’ve learned along the way. A Regal Romance is their ministry event intended to serve as a journey of discovery for married and engaged couples who want to travel the road to a deeper, richer, fuller marriage that’s also more intimate, more fun, more satisfying, and ultimately more noble.

It’s God who unleashes that desire in our hearts. And He intends to fulfill it by personally escorting us into His plan for our relationships – that we would experience a Regal Romance. The word, regal, is used to describe anything that is, “of or pertaining to a king.” And the King of all kings has invited us into the glorious pleasure and high calling of marriages that cease to be about us and become all about Him.

And there’s nothing like it.

When we choose to allow Jesus to put His love – and how we respond to it – on display in this world through our marriages, something unimaginably wonderful starts to envelop us. And we suddenly realize that this is the real reason we walked the aisle and said, “I do.” This is what our hearts truly long for.

A Regal Romance is a Scripture-based, one-day or weekend retreat event focused on helping each couple’s marriage become:

  • A Majestic Mystery: Fulfilling the High Calling of Your Marriage

  • A Flourishing Field: Ensuring Your Love is a Fruitful Garden

  • An Intimate Alliance: Building a Relationship of Deep Partnership

  • An Enduring Affair: Experiencing an Always-Intoxicating Love

And as we find ourselves surrendering to the captivating sway of the Spirit, we learn to make the choice to never turn back. These are only first steps. The lifelong adventure of A Regal Romance stretches before us and Jesus leads the way.